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By Alby

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Hi I recently had from a friend a large phormium sundowner that he dig off his garden. When I did plant it in my garden, same day, looked great but just for a day or so, before all the steam flopped down.
Can someone please tell me if I did something wrong or it is normal after transplanting it?



Water, water, water. When you dig up a large, mature plant, you inevitably break the fine water take up roots, so the plant needs lots of water on a daily basis until it recovers and grows some more. The other thing with Phormium is, if its very large, its sensible to split the rootball into at least 2 sections and replant those separately, but the rule about watering is just the same. Water daily by leaving the hose trickling at the base for half an hour, or giving it a couple of gallons of water at the base, for at least a fortnight.

7 May, 2013

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