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Gardening questions archive: can I access my older questions and answers on the site? I joined in summer last year and very soon afterwards GOY members kindly ID'd some plants in my daughter-in-law's new garden for me - however, between us, she and I have lost the reference and now they're coming up again! Thanks for your help



Yes. click on Your Options and choose Your News. You will see a bar with lots of options, one of which is Your Questions. Click on that and a list appears.

6 May, 2013


I was about to reply to your question when I saw Stera's reply, and his method was much quicker than mine - so I shut up !

7 May, 2013


Brilliant! Thanks for your help, both Stera & Hank! I've now with yr instructions, found the ID in my archives, and contrary to expectations the plant seems to have survived the winter (near Edinburgh, at that! - but it IS a sheltered courtyard garden...) Let's hope the seeds she gave me flower eventually also...

(It was Eccremocarpus Scaber - by the way - no wonder my D-I-L and I forgot the name! Think I'll stick with 'Chilean Glory Flower')

Thanks again, mj

11 May, 2013


Hank, I'm a she not a he! (Steragram is S for Sue, and then Margaret backwards.) You two will be the only ones with this bit of valuabled knowledge. Happy gardening!

11 May, 2013


It's interesting how often our pseudonyms and avatars on this site are 'non-gender-specific'... And now that we all refer to any partner/husband/wife as 'my OH' (which I assume means 'Other Half'), clues to 'gender' (hate that word) are hard to spot!

And then people who DO know each other personally address each other by first name or nickname, and people change their avatars (nice but confusing)... I'm getting old... I think I need a glossary!

Flattered by receiving this knowledge, Steragram (somehow I had vaguely thought you might be into retro vinyl records/discs (Stereo phonogram, perhaps!!!)

Happy gardening also, to you! (here, continuing "feeble rain" (pluies faibles = light showers!) is forecast, boo hoo...)

12 May, 2013


I do still have some good stuff on vinyl Monjardinira, but nothing to play them on. (So no stereogram!)Technology is moving too fast for me. I keep trying to hype myself up to getting an MP3 player as most music seems to be downloaded these days but I can't face the learning curve.
We do have our share of feeble rain here but also rather too much pluie fort, if that's how you say it!

12 May, 2013


Yep, pluie forte is indeed how you say it! We are luckier here in France, in that meteofrance tells us that we will get occasional glimpses of sunshine - but alas, not enough to let it all spring and sprout, out!

But one keeps trying, as they say (just got an amazing new alium sprout

PS(what vinyl do you have, me I'm old enough to remember Dylan...) regards, nadia (monjardinira)

14 May, 2013


Not much pop stuff - just been to see and was sad to find the Hippy Hippy Shake, the Seekers and the Bill Haley were missing! Mostly orchestral stuff left, and some bits of jazz. Spring and Sprout - reminds me of Twist and Shout.

14 May, 2013

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