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By Nanjo

WITNEY, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone tell me what this plant is ? I didn't plant it so I can only assume the birds left it for me...

An update ... I do have a Geranium planted a little way from this one and I thought it was the same but the leaves are different. Adding a pic of it....

Sdc14736 Sdc14735



Buttercup ?

7 May, 2013


Geum, geranium, potentilla? Probably geranium but a flower will help.

7 May, 2013


my first thought was geranium.

7 May, 2013


My vote's for Perennial Geranium.

7 May, 2013


Must admit i was thinking about this at work today and looking at my geranium splish splash coming up....they did look similar !!!

7 May, 2013


Geraniums do self set, I had one called Claridge Druce
it is a thug, it pops up everywhere, in really large clumps, to be avoided in my book.

7 May, 2013


there are many geranium species so the fact that you have different leaves is normal. Bit like tigers and lions really.

7 May, 2013


I did think buttercup at first Andy , I think it grew last year in the same spot and I dug it up as soon as I saw the leaves. It has formed a lovely mound so I wondered if it was something else.
I think I will have to wait to see if it flowers Bulbaholic as you said, to find out.
I will check out the ones you suggested Lizzie and Andy.
Looks like time will tell SGB and Sheilabub.
Thanks for your replies.

7 May, 2013


Just an update, the first flower has arrived and it is pink and definately a geranium. Thanks for all your help.

4 Jun, 2013

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