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By Sunray

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

My house Cyclamen, has flowered all winter, can I save the Corm, and plant it in the Autumn.



Of course you can, Sunray. Some people keep them going for decades. Keep it watered until the leaves start dying off then reduce the water until the leaves finally die altogether. Keep the corm cool and dry through the middle of summer and start giving a little water in September.

7 May, 2013


yes you can. I have had some last for many years. I feed it with baby bio amd when the leaves turn yellow and die remove them. you can now do one of two things. 1 keep it barely damp and let new leaves grow or put it some where cool and dark until about august. then bring it out into the light, repot and water and wait for new leaves and flowers.

7 May, 2013


as an aside I had a corm for 17 yrs that my mum had for 10 yrs before her death. this year it has been eaten from within by vine weevils :o((
I let mine go summer dormant and then restarted it end of august early September.

7 May, 2013


Mine have been happy with just a short rest after each flush of flowering and have gone on happily producing flowers all year for many years - the small white one now just budding up was a gift six years ago and has rarely been without a flower for more than a few weeks. Keep it on a saucer filled with gravel, and water the gravel rather than the pot, (it enjoys the humid atmosphere this produces) and if possible keep it on a north windowsill. If it has to be in a sunnier spot the summer dormancy would probably be better.

11 May, 2013

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