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Ideas please friends! I have a tall narrowish pot, about 30" tall and about 12" across which had a shrub in it last year and is now vacant. It's in a sheltered spot, facing west. I would like to put something evergreen in it, and needs height. A plant that's roots are not too vigorous, but go down rather than outwards! any ideas? I had wondered about trying a trashy carpus, but I don't know what their root systems are like. Thanks!



Ha ha! Trashy carpus! Sometimes my spellchecker can be quite funny! I hope you all know that I mean a Trachycarpus!

7 May, 2013


Hello Karen, i like to plant my pots with perennials, some of the tall ones do really well, or could you go for one of the the small Camellias or Azalea, would an evergreen climber work, i have used ceanothus with good effect in pots, sometimes i will underplant the pots with trailing aubretia and some of the trailing annuals.

7 May, 2013


Can't help you with ideas but your trashy carpus made me laugh!lol

7 May, 2013


Hi Karen,
I have a similar sized pot and due to lack of funds put in one of those cheap [about £3] lemon green little firs. it grows very quickly but doesnt get to 20 feet due to pot size!Evergreen and rather pretty I think as you can trim it like topiary or let it go bushy.Put in last year and now 2ft or so high.

7 May, 2013


Trachycarpus fortunei and Trachycarpus wagner (Waggies) are hardy if in a sheltered spot with good drainage. The roots go down and not spreading. I have a few smaller ones doing fine (if some of the foliage has spotting due to splashing from a faulty drainpipe).

If going down the 'tropical' route, then try Phyllostachys Shangahi number 3. They are evergreen, hardy and tall. I am awaiting a delivery of a specimen one.

7 May, 2013


How about phormium 'Platt's Black' (to give height), underplanted with the yellow-leaved form of creeping jenny hanging down around it? It needs a fleece cosy over the top during the winter, but gives colour all season long from the leaves. I have this combination in two pots on pedestals

7 May, 2013


Ive a very simular pot and i put a topiary (corkscrew shape) in it,
it looks good, likes both shade and sun and last for as long as you look after it And if you put some nice stone chippings around the top of the compost it looks even better,

7 May, 2013


Great ideas, thank you..will get thinking cap on!

8 May, 2013

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