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We had an unusual deep freeze for our south Texas area. Giot down to mid twenties overnight for 3 nights and I am afraid most of my landscaping has not survived. What is the best way to tell what is dead ands needs to be removed vs what will come back? Time for sure, but anything quicker? My plants include Ficus trees, hibiscus, rubber trees, bouganvillea, plumeria, esperanza, oleander and various palms. The landscape is very well established (over 10 years), except the plumeria and esperanza which we planted about 3 years ago.



you could try gently scraping a little bit of branch or stemto see if its green underneath--carefully though but if brown and dry try further down the shrub but some will shootfrom the roots later in the spring if only the top is dead, really its too early to say in England as we can still get frosts to the end of may-- don't give up yet!

24 Jan, 2010



24 Jan, 2010


I think time is going to be a factor also as you have hinted at. I know even Florida suffered a really cold spell so am not surprised that you did too this winter.

25 Jan, 2010

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