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I have an indoor potted Euphorbia tirucalli about 4-5 feet tall, moderately dense. I keep it outdoors in the summer (Chicago) and it looks as if it could use a little fertilizer, in fact one friend suggested it had been "sun burned". It seems healthy with tiny leaves growinf in a cyclical fashion all winter long despite very little light. I'd appreciate any suggestions for a type of fertilizer and how to use it. Thanks,

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I dout very much that it is sunburned, they grow in arrid hot climates,you may have over waterd it as they require very little water, but you must be cairfull with it,it is called the milk bush, and the sap (the white stuf that uses out of the leaves) is extremely toxic and corrosive,I would try a little blood, fish, and bonemeal around it once a year.

24 Jan, 2010

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