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My amaryllis came in a glass rock filled bowl. I am supposed to keep a little water in it. It has finished it's major bloom and has 2 new blooms beginning. Should I plant it in a pot with soil since most of the plants that I have read about seem to be either in a pot or outside. I live in Spokane and it is January, so planting outside would not be a good option. Thank you. Kathy



Why not leave it until it's finished flowering, then let it rest somewhere in dry compost where it won't get frosted...or eaten...then water it in the autumn to start it off again? Also feed it. You need to let the leaves die back naturally to give the bulb the nutrients for next year. As it's in water, I think I'd be inclined to give it a diluted liquid feed now, as well.

24 Jan, 2010


You have a plant growing on without soil, the hydroponics method. Keep it watered with a liquid solution as the instructions will have said. As Spritz says, let it die back naturally. Reduce water to nil and leave it in the glass filled container. Next fall you can start it off again. Store on a shelf in a dry, dark place.

24 Jan, 2010


when it has died back can if you wish plant it in compost. Suggest you read the instructions for the care of Hippeastrum hy brids...

24 Jan, 2010

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