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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I've had to make room in my greenhouse for tomatoes cucumber and had to move my plants I e been growing from seed outside in my alliminium frame. I've bought some fleece to put over them at night. I'm just a bit concerned if it rains and the weight of the rain makes the fleece heavy. Am I doing the right thing or should I leave it uncovered altogether ? Thanks

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Hi pdb,
I dont think you'll have any problems ref rain getting into the frames,
The two baskets look well placed and i see you've used clips to hold the fleece to the sides of your frame,

Maybe a few pegs across the fronts of the frame to keep wind from lifting the fleece & a brick or other weight to hold the fleece onto the ground "again to stop wind lifting it up,
But other than those few extra bits i think it all looks good.

8 May, 2013


Thanks Dungy
I can sleep at night now knowing all my hard work isn't going to be in vain. How long do you think before we can start planting up.

8 May, 2013


Hi sleeping pdb,
It depends on what the outdoor plants are,
Have these been re-potted from seed compost to fertilized compost yet? "Nice roots showing?"

Here in france the weather is now past the frost threat and the greenhouse sown seeds trays are half on the staging outside and half on the tray staging inside the greenhouse,

Im keeping the greenhouse windows & door open all day to help the cool air to flow through,
My problem is the same as a lot of people "getting the beds weeded and soil tilthed ready for the small plants,

Ive even put the likes of corn flowers plants ive grown from seed to their second pots because ive just not been able to get them into the soil due the the size of the garden and the rain!

But i'd say if all signs of frost in your area have gone and your soil is clear of weeds and your can get it nice and tilthed "then go ahead and get them in,

water them well to settle the root system,
it you feel the night may be chilly it wont hurt to cover the plants with fleece or the dome shape clear covers are good (like a mini greenhouse these protect from heavy rain /frost)

You can use the 3Ltr fresh water plastic clear containers,
just cut the bottom off "keep the top with its cap on and handle" and you have a ready made re-cycled plant protection unit. ( unscrew the top for watering and or as an air vent on hot days)

A good weekly feed of tomato feed will do wonders.

9 May, 2013

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