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How can I stop badgers digging up my lawn



Oh boy... with difficulty send a pm to Spritzhenry. Following her advice we used Jeyes fluid soaked rags...

8 May, 2013


In the end, we watered the whole lawn with nematodes to kill the chafer grubs they're after. We did it in August 2011 after trying to keep them out in other ways with no luck.

Since then it's been wonderful - I don't wake up to a ploughed field any longer! Check them out online, as the prices vary considerably.

9 May, 2013


Also be careful what slow feeds you use for planting ie
Bone, this can attract the likes of badgers / fox,
they can sniff out the smell from a long distance.

9 May, 2013


Get the government to start their cull in your area, lol Derek.

9 May, 2013


Be careful what you say on that subject, Derek - we're in one of the two chosen areas, and there are going to be demos and all sorts of trouble from protestors!

10 May, 2013

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