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Can anyone identify this plant ?


By Batty

greater manchester, United Kingdom Gb

This plant has myself and all my 'so called gardener' friends baffled. It turned up three years ago and grows every year, flowering almost continuously throughout the summer. It grows to around two feet high, has very hairy stems and leaves.I have done some research and eliminated viper's bugloss and the entire borage family so far though it does have many similarities to both genus. please help...




I reckon it's Green Alkanet-Pentaglottis sempervirens

7 Jun, 2008


It looks like a type of Veronica

7 Jun, 2008


I'm saying alkanet too. It appeared in my garden about three years ago as well

7 Jun, 2008


Pretty sure it's Alkanet (Anchusa or Common Bugloss). It's an invasive weed, so I'd get it sprayed with systemic week killer pdq.

8 Jun, 2008


whatever it is, it is horrible and invasive and regard it as weed and I have managed to get rid of it all

10 Jun, 2008


I too have had this in my garden. I regarded it as weed as it was very invasive and managed ti get rid of it.

10 Jun, 2008

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