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By Jvt

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Asparagus advice please

I have some lovely asparagus seedlings which I will soon have to pot on, as I know it will be at least 2 years before I can harvest only a tiny amount, should I plant them up in a bed for their final position or transfer them to larger pots and leave them until next spring

Thank you, John



Hi Jvt,
Asparagragus Is a plant like rhubarb and a few others that dont like to be moved, they take min of two years to be able to pick and even then only a few at first,(taken from under the soil)
They need tobe in a an area we're they can be left undisturbed to both settle in and grow, i myself have not grown from seed but when i had my allotment the previous people left me asparagragus he'd grown but he never harvested it because it had been in the spot for only 3 years when i took the plot over but he did tell me they neen tobe left alone,
So i'd say get them in the soil in a special spot you can afford to not need and let them get to work settling down,
its a long wait but a well worth waiting for one.

9 May, 2013


Hi Jvt, considering Dungy claims not to be an asparagus grower, the advice is spot on. I grew some from seed which I planted in situ 5 years ago and I am just picking some for the first time this year. I just left it in a bed, out of the way, with loads of home compost and it has now done very well. Keeping potting on will do it no good at all.

9 May, 2013

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