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Hello. I have a question regarding my Avocado plant.
It's recently started growing again and has 'branched out' at the top in three directions.
Should I let them grow out or should I try and take cuttings?
I'm not sure at all. I would really appreciate any ideas or suggestions!




These are quite large trees, and as such will get branches, unless you have another plant, you will never get any fruit from it, which in any case takes about 7 years to start fruiting, by which time it will be quite large, plus you can't frow it outside where you are, so it will only ever be an ornamental house plant.
Commercially grown trees are scions of a known variety, grafted onto a more vigorous root stock, Derek.

9 May, 2013


Thanks Derek. I know it won't produce fruit on it's own. My question was in regards to the three branches at the top. As in what the best approach would be.

9 May, 2013


Hi Markoj40, I would just leave them alone, and allow it to develop naturally, Derek.

10 May, 2013

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