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Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my olive tree? Much loved olive tree has been looking poorly for over a year now since I overwintered him in a plastic greenhouse wrapped in bubblewrap (in hindsight, damp).

Leaves are browning and becoming dry and crispy.

I've repotted him in half compost half John Innes 3 and the roots were ok. I've tried sprays for fungal problems but I think this makes the discoloration worse, certainly hasn't made it better. I've got problem areas off but it just comes back.

Can anyone help save Bob?

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I would keep the soil on the dry side and keep it well fed. The pale leaves suggests nutrient deficiency and the leaf tips browning, too much water.

11 May, 2013


Agree with with Kildermorie Emma, also your olive tree does need warmth and sunshine, cold and damp it'll hate. If possible bring it indoors, in the lightest place possible, dry, and make sure it drains quickly when watered.

11 May, 2013


Many thanks to you both, I'll try that. He's outside in the North East of England so very cold & damp at the mo'! I'll try & move him.

13 May, 2013


There is couple of 14ft ones near me in a pot (outside a Nando) that have done well for the past 6 years (even the winter of 2010). It is in full sun (and wind), well drained soil (lots of grit), so you should do fine in NE England.

13 May, 2013


Hi Emrob72, are you sure this is an olive tree?, itdoesn't look to me like any olive tree I've ever seen, the leaves look too wide and too leathery, just a query, Derek.

15 May, 2013

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