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By Pdb

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Has anyone got their hanging baskets/tubs out both day and night yet?



Not yet. I will wait a couple of weeks at least.

12 May, 2013


Here in france lots of the locals have the window box's out with the geranium's in and the baskets,

Ive got them outside our house and the gite gets sorted on monday with the same,
Add's that feel of summer to the place.

12 May, 2013


As we are up north,like you Pdb,I shall wait a couple of weeks yet.a bit too chilly at nights,so the summer bedding are still in the growhouses..I leave the covers open,but they are sheltered above, from the elements..

12 May, 2013


I'm down south but mine are still in the cold greenhouse overnight and out during the day. Will put them out permanently in a couple of weeks.

12 May, 2013


End of may

12 May, 2013


Forecasting cold nights next week, and cold winds in the day. :0(

12 May, 2013


to continue with hanging baskets,
Ive just returned from an outside plant market and hundreds of hanging baskets all said ready to hang from now outside all have been hardend off "just hang and enjoy"

12 May, 2013


I would not trust them outside at night till the end of May...However keep an eye on the weather and if temp. lower than say 5c is forecasted, take them down and either put them on a upturned large pot in the greenhouse or indoors. Bring them out again in the morning. Where I live in Hertfordshire it would be unusual, but not unknown, to have a frost second half of May.

12 May, 2013


We have had snow in June here in the midlands.......

12 May, 2013


I am in Aberdeenshire and baskets are out through the day and back into greenhouse at night.

12 May, 2013


Same as me in Angus Mabroon and I normally wait till 1st week in June.

But think be much later this year.

12 May, 2013


I still have my winter ones out. they are still doing really well.

13 May, 2013


I'm in Milton Keynes and and my baskets have been out a couple of weeks.

They get the early morning sun and then some late afternoon. All are doing well.

I've got 48 geranium plugs (now repotted) from T&M that have been out a few days in my main suntrap area - all these are fine too after one week outside.

13 May, 2013


Like you Seaburn the winter pots are looking lovely, especially the yellow and orange violas that get full sun, much to pretty to take out yet.

A lot depends on the garden, sheltered sun traps or like me wide open to the north/easterlys.

13 May, 2013


Nothing outside as yet, a day like today not even out there myself, hailstone showers this afternoon.........

13 May, 2013


I'm in Newcastle, mine have been out day and night for a good few weeks. We are quite sheltered though and also in an urban area. Not sure if it makes any difference but I am also using solar powered basket turners, they spin the basket every few mins to ensure even amounts of light.

14 May, 2013

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