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acer question again, does any of the good people on here know if you can take a cutting from a acer and if so the best way to grow on :-) thanks once again



Not so far as I know as they are usually grafted. When you don't get a reply it means we don't have the answer.

12 May, 2013


Whilst cuttings wont normally work then you may like to have a go at trying to layer one of the lower branches, make a slither into the wood and make a hollow in the ground, bury the layering and then peg down with an old brick/etc and then wait it wont happen over night could take longer than a year but give it a go, it can be done but not always succesfully

12 May, 2013


Grew a load from cuttings a few years ago...the parent plant had been forced into leaf early for a show and the cuttings were very softwood. They had mist and undersoil heating but i got about a 5% strike rate.
The cuttings that did grow were slow and weak and not much good at all.
A few Acers are air layered for bonsai...might be worth a go at that but it takes a long time.

13 May, 2013


Much easier to by one.

13 May, 2013

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