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HELP need advice on grapevines that were in my garden at my new home .I pruned them well at the end of the season last year, Now they all look nice and healthly , but as i have never gardened before I need advice on how to keep them well. They are growing well and are now coverering the pergula, grapes are forming, What do i need to do now, do I dust them to stop mites, do I water them more since the grapes are forming and what feed do I need to give them
I have been watering every evening. I live in spain, should I water them more?
As you can see I¨m new to gardening, and am really enjoying it.

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they will need lots of water during the growing season. You may have more grapes than you'd imagine. I tend to remove about a third of each bunch so that I get fewer but bigger grapes.
I have never dusted the grapes with anything, but if they become diseased you may need to take advice. I give the grapes a general soil feed in the early spring and that's about all.

18 May, 2013

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