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By Shahida

essex, United Kingdom Gb

This is my flowerless hydrangea . It does not flower, what could be the reason???




Sorry Shahida no photo...

13 May, 2013


Neither has mine at the moment the leaves are only just coming out.

Also if you prune back each year you can remove all the flowering stems so no flowers the next year

13 May, 2013


Pamg, it did not bloom last year.

13 May, 2013


Has it ever flowered?

13 May, 2013


I think it maybe pot bound the pot seems rather small. But ideally they need to be in the ground.

13 May, 2013


Assuming you pruned soon after it flowered and weren't late pruning then, leafy growth = plenty of nitrogen. Lack of flowers = not enough potassium or sunlight (despite the fact they grow in shade, some sun is required to flower).
The pot is too small & looks like concrete which would leach lime, thus you won't get blue hydrangeas. Have no idea if lime is effecting the lack of flowers :)

14 May, 2013


I didn't realise it was in a tub.They need lots of space and lots of food and water too.

If you don't have room to plant it out then get a really big pot, you can get lightweight ones or wheels for them if nessesary.

Mix slow release plant food with the compost that has some John Innes in it, put it where it gets some sun but preferably not all day
Then keep it well watered and give a high potash feed once a month starting in the spring, but not after july (you want it to harden up to survive the winter)water is so important, check its not dry regularly.
Then in the winter move it to a sheltered spot and protect the roots from frost, and the bare branches.....look for new shoots in spring next year and protect them from frost too

Good luck x

14 May, 2013


Thank you all for the advice.i will buy a big planter:)my soil is very sticky and hard clay.

14 May, 2013


Look for compost that either says it has some john innes or soil in it, or one for shrubs.

You may find a big plastic planter for a reasonable price if you shop around, just make sure it has good drainage holes in the bottom

14 May, 2013


Mine doesn't flower either. Probably because its in a place where I have to prune it. Otherwise dear hubby can't get into his shed. I keep promising myself I will move, but can never find the right time. Good luck & I hope yours bloom soon.

22 Jun, 2013


When you prune it Susie just remove the ones in the way if you can and only about 1/3 of the shrub per year then the other branches should flower......move it between november to march when its nice weather and dormant

22 Jun, 2013

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