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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Is there still time for blossom on my plum tree?...I planted it 3 years ago, the first year it was smothered and we harvested over 60 plums...last year not even 1, but I heard everyone was the same more or less. This year so far just a smattering of blossom but nothing to sing about, is there still time for more to come?



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14 May, 2013


Hi Andrea,
My own fruit trees including plums this year are really late showing blossom and i live in france and the weather here is approx 4 weeks ahead of the uk, but this year its still cool and very wet and so the plums and apple/pear are all just showing some blossom,

I was walking the dogs down the track by us and on both sides are fruit trees that are just left to grow,
No body looks after then and they as the norm have lots of blossom but very small apples etc but i noticed again tonight they're also very late So i think its this wet and cooler weather thats holding things back,

So give it a few more weeks before you get to worried.

14 May, 2013


Thanks for that...there may be hope yet.

14 May, 2013


Just noticed the date I joined....almost 6 years to the day, never noticed....where did that time go?!

14 May, 2013


Have you fed it at all?
I give a general purpose feed early in spring and for me thats enough but you could try a high potash to encourage flowering.
Do not feed after end vjune/early july as you want the tree to harden up for the winter.

One point I just thought of, in its first year it cropped heavily, its something I wouldn't have done. We planted some fruit btrees about that time and only left a couple of young fruit on, I wanted them to get their roots down and settle in. This year I hope to see some fruit but will still restrict the amount,

I,m sure yours will be fine with a little tlc.

15 May, 2013


Thanks Pam, will try the feed, and it did cross my mind when reading about it that it may have been a mistake to let it fruit in its first year!

15 May, 2013

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