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Many thanks to all who gave me advise regarding the dandelions on our lawn -- as we live in the country surrounded by fields we have all kinds of weeds in the lawn -- ie thistles -- ragwort one that creeps like an ivy which I don't have a name for!! -- but if I can control the dandelions with either salt or Verdone that will be a help -- thanks again



I,d try to control the ragwort too if you can, its poisnous to man and beasts. its easy to pull but dont compost it and always use thick gloves to keep it from your skin.

15 May, 2013


While waiting for the dandelions to die its a good idea to go round every morning and pick off all the flowers before they have time to seed. More seed will blow in from outside but its a start.Sometimes we have filled a litre jug - it never ends!

15 May, 2013

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