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By Marcusw

Staffordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Anyone have any cat friendly weed killer suggestion?



No, but I could suggest a weed-friendly cat-killer!!

17 May, 2013


When I have to use a weedkiller I use Roundup. Both I and the neighbours have cats and have never had any problems with this.

17 May, 2013


Why oh why people have to keep using chemicle's in the garden i dont know,
Maybe im so against chemicle is because of my past, i did a course and Army military education both to do with chemicle's and what they did to people,
we've seen only this week chemicles being used "Again " in a war situation.

The medi is full of stories ref people getting diabetes and people having heart problems because of over weight and eating the wrong foods,
whats in these foods, why are so many getting this killer illness? Whats being added to the food your eating?

My very very strong advice and from the heart is "Leave chemicles alone" you dont know whats in them and if they did tell you the average person would'nt have a clue anyway.

Weeds can be delt with in verious ways without using any chemicle thats made to kill,
the chemicle couldnt give a rats backside what it kills plant or cause animals to suffer.
My own dogs chew grass,
All chemicle weed killers give a warning ref the danger of the contents! but this is to cover the companies, ie
dont let children drink the contents and if they do seek medicel help,
What a load of rubbish, its just to cover their own back sides Because it's a chemicle,
we dont get any warnings when we fill our cars with fuel telling us that "if your child should slide down the fuel filler cap & drink the fuel! seel help". Yet fuel is a chemilce and its make up and added items are now rotting classic moter cycle fuel tanks.

Ask yourself why!!!!!!
The choice if you do or dont use them is yours,
if you want to control weeds google weed control and see the verious other ways.

Rounup up until 18 months ago was liquid only tobe used as a spray! all of a sudden they're now selling a gel to be applied to weeds etc "WHY"!!!!!

Could it be because the spray from these sprays was floating all over the other plants in the garden? Such as veg!
If by accident you managed to get any of this roundup on lets say a lettuce and you picked that lettuce within 15 mins of you spraying "what do you think you would be doing to your body should you eat food thats had the likes of rounup on it ????

The answer to your question is no weed killers are animal or human friendly.

17 May, 2013


Rant noted!


17 May, 2013


Chemicals cost money and, in our garden, are used only when deemed absolutely necessary. Roundup gel has been around for years and years!

17 May, 2013


The gel is useful if you want to get at a weed that's mixed up with another plant that you don't want to damage, eg a dandelion in the middle of a rose bush. I've occasionally used glyphosate when the job was too big for me to do it by hand weeding and our cats have lived to a ripe old age - the last two were 20 and 15. Having said that there was plenty of other grass for them to eat if they felt like it.

17 May, 2013


Todays lecture from dungy is a load of gobbledygook.
Being in the medical profession I can assure you that diabetes is not caused by round up or rose clear or fungus fighter. Likewise, the number of visitors to A&E caused by eating lettuce infected by weedkiller is a lot less from those drinking too much coffee which is dangerous if you have certain medical conditions.
I could go into loads of garden insecticides that are/were used to treat human lice, scabies but I won't.
I could go into loads of fruit juices that are dangerous when used with certain drugs but nothing appears on the label of such juices.
Likewise certain vegetables are dangerous when used with certain drugs, but no warning appears when you buy your spinach.
So ignore dungy, spray away, but follow the instructions on the label and use a bit of common sense, ie, don't spray weedkiller in a gale.

18 May, 2013


Weedol has been around for years and years and is a good weedkiller - with both that and glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup and Tumbleweed), keep the cat off until the spray/watered on solution is dry, and your cat will be fine. Note that glyphosate on its own is less harmful to the environment than a formulation such as Roundup, which has other additives. It's also cheaper to buy as a concentrate than any Roundup products.

As for 'chemicles' being dangerous, they're not per se - its only the combination and quantity that can create
danger, and everything is chemical, from lemon juice to salt, vinegar to washing up liquid, weedkillers to medicines.

18 May, 2013


chemicals are what we are made of. water is dangerous if not used correctly.
weedkillers like anything else, used properly are as safe as possible.
Boiling water poured onto the weed will kill it. but mind you don't scald yourself.

18 May, 2013


Fork and spade. Good exercise, without going madly at it, of course, and the ground is cultivated as well, which deters slugs. The weeds are properly dealt with, and there aren't extra toxic chemicals being poured into the soil.

20 May, 2013


I'm doing that to a 30+ft border to remove as much couch grass as I can. back aches today but the blackbirds and robins have been following me at less than 4ft away picking up the grubs/etc.

20 May, 2013

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