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By Galah

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This year my acre palmatum dissectum(green) which is in the gound and is about 25 years old has very few leaves; the new leaves at the end of the soft wood look healthy, but many of the small branches of the new wood are bare of leaf despite looking ok. does anyone have any idea what could cause this?

On plant Acre palmatum dissectum



Check for signs of scale insect which can be a problem, but am i right in thinking that the Acer is suffering dieback from the main stem towards the branch tips, could it be Verticillium wilt ? which can affect the Acer family.

17 May, 2013


A pic would be useful.

17 May, 2013


the leaves at the tips are ok but very few of them. I inspected it again yesterday and can see some new shoots appearing further back, so I think that is a good sign.
thanks you for your comments. if no progress I will post a picture.

20 May, 2013

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