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What are the top 10 plants for the honey bee ?

I know they need a variety of plants to get their nectar and pollen from.

Urban bees do very well, as there are usually flowers in a garden which is in flower from early spring until mid/late autumn.

Judging by the number of bees on my lavender plant when it flowers, that must be one of their favourites.



Monarda, common name bee balm, is popular as is scabious, budlejia, phlox and campanula. well they are firm favs in my garden.

17 May, 2013


The ones Seaburngirl mentions are certainly winners with bees and in my garden so are cotoneaster, viburnum bodnantense, sweet rocket, poached egg plant, rosemary, foxgloves , honeysuckle, poppies and hardy geraniums! I'm sure there are lots more people can add to this list. The important thing is, as you say, to have flowers for bees throughout the season.

17 May, 2013


Marjoram and any herbs that have lots of tiny flower heads. They like borage and sedum spectabile as well (as do butterflies)

17 May, 2013


I wish they were on my apple blossom but its just so cold, the hawthorn hedges are trying to flower but very late this year

18 May, 2013


For early, active bees, comfrey and pulmonaria - these plants are always buzzing with them in the garden here in March/April.

18 May, 2013

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