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I have been given some small plants of peas and broad beans. They are in small pots and need planting out into what will have to be larger pots. I intend to make a tri- pod from canes in two large pots for the peas. I understand the broad beans will not need supporting. The soil I am planting them into is acidic and probably not very fertile. What must I do to give these plants a good home and me a bumper crop?



Presumably planting in the ground is not an option, Westerne? If you only have poor soil for your pots I would suggest that you go and buy some multi-purpose compost from the garden center for the pots. Fot the peas I would try and put abou five plants in a largeish pot with a wig-wam of canes for support. Broad beans need a suitable sized pots each; they don't need a lot of support when grown in the ground but you need to make sure that the pots don't blow over.

17 May, 2013


Thanks for your comments on my peas and beans. The peas are now happily growing in large pots with multi purpose compost and cane structures to climb up. The beans I decided to plant in the poly tunnel. I pulled back the landscape matting, dug a small trench, added some farmyard manure and replaced soil and matting before cutting holes and planting the young bean plants through. I don't know how suited they are to this method.

31 May, 2013


Sounds OK, Westerne, good luck with them.

31 May, 2013

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