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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

What type of mulch will everyone be using on their garden this spring? Looking for recommendations...I was thinking of trying spent mushroom compost this time?



why not ? it is mulch and good for the soil, people will be using what ever they can get,

26 Jan, 2010


i used much mushroom compost when 2 raised beds were created as soil verging on clay. It really has loosened up the soil and all growing well !

26 Jan, 2010


The spent mushroom compost will help lighten the soil but it has no goodness in it.

26 Jan, 2010


Well-rotted manure and home-made compost. I keep the manure for Clematis, the area where my sweet peas are going and roses: and the rest gets the compost,

26 Jan, 2010


Sometimes mushroom compost can be a bit alkaline - but good soil conditioner. I will have some homemade compost and will get some of the free council compost hopefully. Will also collect some seaweed for my asparagus bed and pine needles for my strawberries. Areas of garden that are under membrane will get topped up with shredded waste from the hedge work - to counteract the leaching we always scatter some blood/fish/bone or chicken manure pellets about. Ooh I may nip down the barbers to get some more hair clippings too - excellent mulch on permanent beds!

26 Jan, 2010


Oh - Hoya, I forgot about B, F & B. I use that as well.

Hallo stranger! How are you? :-))

26 Jan, 2010

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