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By Mandym

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

Any one know what me be wrong with my usually healthy spotted laurel

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Your laurel is suffering from stress,
its all this wet weather and the tree thats overhanging it is a continued dripping shower after rain has stopped.

Its a weather problem to much rain and not enough dry weather.
Google Laurel problems and im sure you'll have many write ups on this subject,
But ive the same laurel as your showing and i removed over hanging branches to ease this dripping problem and so far inspite of this unusual late summer start its looking ok.

19 May, 2013


Thanks Dungy, It's a Sambucus Nigra that is over hanging, I'll prune it back a bit

19 May, 2013


prune out the blackened stems and it will re-sprout and soon look good again.

19 May, 2013


Thanks SG, have pruned them out and gave it some chicken poo feed, hopefully it will perk up.

19 May, 2013

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