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By Csyrad

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, I've had this cherry tree for 3 years. The first year i had it the tree was full of branches with loads of blossom but with every year less and less blossom has appeared.

Is there anything i can do to get this tree to look like a tree and just not a just a couple of branches sticking out??



Cherry_tree_1 Cherry_tree_2 Cherry_tree_3



Well, for a start, get it out of that silly little pot. You don't say what root stock it is on, but even if it is dwarf, it needs more room and nutrients than that. Are you feeding it? A sprinkling, annually, of Sulphate of potash in late winter followed by a sprinkling of Sulphate of ammonia in March with a sprinkling of superphosphates then every three years thereafter. Or if you are organic, loads of seaweed pellets and FBB every year. The poor little tree is starving.

Having said that, the weather over the last couple of years hasn't helped either. Last year, none of my 3 cherry trees produced a single fruit and very few blossoms. This year they are awash with blossom. When the weather is against you then look after the plant more. And that includes feeding.

20 May, 2013


hi chris i think it might do better in the ground rather than a pot

20 May, 2013


Thanks for the feed back.

Yes, it is a dwarf tree and that's why its in a tub as the garden center where i bought it said it would grow in a good sized pot.

Obviously the pot isn't big enough so would a much bigger pot be better as i have no room in the garden to plant it and yes i do feed it.

Also, can i saw the top branch off and plant it or will any shoots come from it if i put it in water as all the new shoots are at the bottom.

20 May, 2013


It would have been better to cut off the bottom shoots than the top ones! Sorry the top branch won't root if you cut it off.
What I would do , no guarantees here, is to cut off all the bottom shoots and shorten the long almost bare shoot on the top one. Repot and feed as advised above, and don't let any future shoots come up from the base. This is a sign of a tree under stress, so if you remove the stress you might yet get a tree shape. Good luck.

20 May, 2013


Hi chris,
This is again just a case of not knowing about your plant and its needs,

If you look at the very top shoot and how far out it is,
This is how far your roots will be, but because of the restricted root growing space you given this tree
the tree cant grow anymore, its trying! but cant grow enough roots to enable the top growth to grow more wood and this results in poor blossom, no fruit (or very small if any)

Why not have a think about getting yourself an half oak barrel, the garden centre's have them or look in your local yellow pages,

For dewarf trees you'll have good depth and wide enough to take a dewarf cherry.

Like all fruits no matter if its bush size / cherry/or even tomato's they are greedy and need a good regular feed to produce food in the form of fruit,

It's just a case of wrong growing conditions ref your cherry.

20 May, 2013


hy have you cut all the branches off except 1? if you had cut the branches off the bottom, it would have looked a bit more tree like.
I think I would have a fresh start by cutting the bottom branches off, followed by most of the 1 branch at the top, then get it into a decent sized container, or better still, into the ground, give it a good feed, and hope for the best, you wont get any fruit this year, but it may put on some growth, to at least make it look like a tree, then hopefully get some fruit next year, Derek.

20 May, 2013


Snap, Derek!

20 May, 2013


I think its mostly all been said. Fruit trees need lots of water and nutrients which they rarely get from growing in containers. Sorry to be a pessimist but unless you can get some growth from the uppermost branches that you have pruned, then I would give it up a bad job and resign the remnants to the compost heap. You will often see pictures of dwarf fruit trees growing in pots which are laden with fruits but I think that it is far from reality. As said, if you feel the need to grow fruit trees, then buy one and plant it in the ground.

22 May, 2013

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