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Edinburgh, Scotland Sco

Just out of curiosity..... When Acid lovers are not happy in the soil/compost they are planted in the foliage is often the first signs that they are unhappy but what happens for the reverse? If an plant prefers an alkaline situation what are the signs?



Hi Scottish, they usually don't develop as they should, because they can't take up the nutrients in an acid soil, and tend to stay more or less the same size they were when you planted them, but don't usually die off, Derek.

20 May, 2013


Most plants that are happy in alkaline soils will also cope quite adequately in acid soils. Often the low nutrient levels suit both ends of the spectrum. Holly prefers one way or another (acid or alkaline) but isn't at its very best in the middle. Where a problem occurs is when the acid soils are also poorly drained, and it's then that the chalk lovers struggle.

20 May, 2013


Thanks both of you for your informative answers.

23 May, 2013

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