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I have had a Peony for 4 years and for two years there was plenty of foliage, but no flowers.I moved it to a sunnier position but still had the same results.Advice please.



they often 'resent' moving them. I'd now leave it in its current spot and it will probably flower in a couple of years. I assume it is the herbaceous one. the fat tubers should just be below or just on the surface of the soil.

21 May, 2013


I agree with Sbg, it wont flower if the tubers are too deep, if you can't see the tubers, you should be able to feel them with the tip of your finger pushed into the soil, if you can't, they're too deep, Derek.

21 May, 2013


It's more a case of where the resting bud is in the winter. IT MUST BE ABOVE SOIL LEVEL. If it's not, it has been planted too deep and is unlikely to flower.

The time to move herbaceous paeonies is IMMEDIATELY after the foliage has died back in the autumn. They can then be lifted and replanted. I did this with nine plants a few years ago, and they all flowered for me the next year.

Planting depth is key - keep the dormant bud above the soil.

21 May, 2013



22 May, 2013

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