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My newly planted apple tree as what I think are white fly on it as well as greenfly shall I just spray with soapy water will my tree survive ?



yes it will be ok. the soapy water treatment is quite a friendly way to do it. If you can reach rubbing the insects off with your fingers is even better. you can wear gloves if you don't want the insect juices on your hands.

21 May, 2013


I use an organic garlic barrier spray,Kidsgran,which I find very effective on anything prone to green or whitefly..I'm afraid I am lazy,and buy a commercial one,but you can make your own..but the proportion needs to be diluted afterwards to put in a sprayer..There are some instructions from other members on Goy,if you want to try it..but sorry,I can't remember who posted them..I also use soapy water occasionally,if I have none of the garlic one left,although it does last a long time..

22 May, 2013


Unless its a bad infestation I leave the aphids for the insects and birds,

22 May, 2013


I agree,Pam..I usually spray before they appear at all ,as a preventative measure,so the birds are welcome to any that escape the aroma :o) or maybe some like the smell of Garlic! Lol.

22 May, 2013

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