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Hello, I have just purchased an Hibiscus and would like to know the best way for me to plant and care for it, best type of soil, full or partial sun etc etc.

Unfortunaately, because I move around a lot it has to go into a pot (so I can take it with me!) and I have bought a very lovely and very large pot for it to go in.

Very appreciative of any advice, many thanks.



i dont know any special care but i planted one in the garden no special soil or anything and i just water it when it needs watering and it has done well for the last few years!

22 May, 2013


Is it the tropical hibiscus?

Just down the road where I live, our National Parks planted them along the road and they were pruned bush-like. Most of them get the blazing sun (max. 36°C during June-Aug) whole year round.

I think it needs a lot of sun. My observation - the ones directly under the sun and not shaded seem to look better - lush foliage with intermittent flowers. The ones under shade look sad and I hardly see any flowers on them.

23 May, 2013

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