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Fife, Scotland Sco

My azealea was doing fine at the end of
February/beginning of March, it had rich green leaves and looked good, but then we had a snow again, and now the azealea has brown leaves and looks dead. I live in Fife Scotland and the azealea is an evergreen, and got through the bad winter 2010, and was fine all through this winter. Could it be something else that caused it to die?



How damp is the soil and does it water log? My Azalea have been flowering for some time, but it is south facing and near the coast.

22 May, 2013


The azealea is in a pot, north facing and soil wasn't waterlogged. I fed it well last year with ericaceous plant food. As I said it was gorgeous up until the last bit of bad weather. The poor plants don't know what season it

22 May, 2013


What type of Azalea is it? The Indian Azalea (Rhododendron simsii) is not hardy (though I have one that has been outside all winter - it has leaves but no flowers). The leaves tend to be larger and slightly hairy underneath.

If it is the hardy Azalea then it might come back if you keep the soil damp. I got a -5.5 in March which caused some seedlings to die and new growth on other plants to die back, but the Azalea (mostly in ground) were unaffected.

22 May, 2013


In a pot its possible that the whole potful of compost froze solid, especially in a north facing aspect. If this persisted for a time it could well have killed the roots. If you try again try moving the pot to a more sheltered site and protecting it with bubble wrap in the winter.(Don't bubble wrap the leafy part!)

22 May, 2013

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