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Have a large amount of creeping buttercup on our lawn.
Have tried using Verdone Extra concentrate diluted in watering can and applied with sprinkle bar.
Have waited two weeks with minimal growth to weeds and appear far from dead.
Question: How long does it take and does the application kill the roots ?
Thought i had read that weeds grow significantly and then wither and die on themselves but this does not seem to be happening.
Can anyone help.



If it is Creeping Buttercup then cutting regularly with the lawnmower on the lowest setting should open it then you add a weedkiller and that will kill it. If it is creeping clover then use a rake and then mow over it with a low setting.

22 May, 2013


Verdone should kill the roots as well as the top growth. I used Weed and Feed granules and it worked well on buttercups. Wouldn't SBK kill the grass as well?

22 May, 2013


Yes SBK would kill the grass! A weed and feed would work. Am surprised Creeping Buttercup is in a lawn if it is mowed regularly which makes me wonder if it is Creeping Clover.

23 May, 2013


Our lawn is mown regularly and believe me we have our share of creeping buttercup. Sadly mowing makes no impression on it - you are lucky if it sorts yours!

23 May, 2013


Thanks Snoopdog, should have known that! (thinks..remember to switch brain on...)

25 May, 2013

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