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By Tasha

East sussex, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, Can anyone help, i've found quite a few of these bugs on one of my rose bushes, i haven't seen them before. Are they going to damage it?
Thanks in advance




Cercopis vulnerata Red-and-black Froghopper...I am not sure, but google this and see.

Species Information
One of Britain's largest and brightest froghoppers. It has distinctive black and red markings which a few similar species share. Its bright markings signify that it is very distasteful to birds and other would be predators.

Seen April to August. Maybe observed resting on vegetation and if disturbed it will jump a good way. It spends much of its early life feeding on underground roots still contained within its protective froth commonly called 'Cuckoo Spit' which is solidified. Strictly vegetarian feeding on many plant species, including grasses, nettles, and docks. Found mainly in wooded areas, but also in meadows and hedgrows. Common and widespread in the south of Britain.

22 May, 2013


Thats great thanks very much michaella

22 May, 2013

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