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By Jonah13

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Are yellow thymes evergreen?



Nice to be back.

23 May, 2013


Hiya Jonathan , nice to see you x

Not sure about the thyme but maybe less strong than the green as yellow/variegated often are.....I struggle to keep thyme on my clay soil, I think they like better drainage

23 May, 2013


the obvious answer is no they are yellow :o))))))

they are 'evergreen' but not as hardy as the fully green ones. I have a variegated one that is happy in the shelter of the ferns.

23 May, 2013


So do they need winter protection from frosts?

23 May, 2013


It is nice to see you Jonathan. Don't know the answer but I have a green one growing in a tub and it is doing very well. Quite sheltered though.

23 May, 2013


I think it depends quite a bit on the variety. I've grown several golden leafed thymes on my nursery. Some are tough as old boots others not so.

The main issue is for them to have a free draining soil ,plenty of sun and a degree of shelter but some varieties do put up with pretty much anything!

23 May, 2013


One is lemon thyme. Many thanks. I will hope for the best with them then. I have them on well drained soil or John Innes.

24 May, 2013

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