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If a bulb has been blind this year will they ever flower again or are they finished. Thank you. Thanks you everyone who answered. Will give it a try.



A lot of people will be hoping they will flower again as so many bulbs were blind this year. Try feeding it now the flowering time is over and let the leaves die down naturally.

23 May, 2013


Thats the best idea, build up the strength in the bulbs, and hope for good weather I think

23 May, 2013


yes they do flower again. as allrready suggsted give them a good feed now and leave the bulb to die back fully.

23 May, 2013


Gotta wait for next spring for the flowering?
Do bulbs flower in the fall?

23 May, 2013


As per the above they should come back. They may just be dividing.

23 May, 2013


Bulbs only flower once in the year Chatbud so if they are spring flowering bulbs they will not flower in the fall.

23 May, 2013


Glad you asked that question, AL- had been wondering the same thing.

24 May, 2013

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