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By Newby15

Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

Hi everyone last year my daughter had a strange flower in her garden and you helped me identify it ,well it seems she's good at this so here is this years mistery bloom it has just flowered




Its an aquilegia - don't know what kind. I have all sorts of colours in my garden as they change as the bees pollenate them and throw up new colours every year.

23 May, 2013


Yes an aquilegia. Probably one of the "Russel hybrids"

23 May, 2013


I always thought Russel hybrids referred to Lupins. McKana hybrids are Aquilegia.
Dratted nuisances they are too.

24 May, 2013


This pretty plant is an aquilegia, or granny's bonnet. You really only ever need to plant one as they self-seed absolutely everywhere. If you don't actually plant one yourself then don't worry, because the birds will do it for you!

24 May, 2013


Don't let them self seed. The seedlings are often not as good as the originals and once established they are the devil to remove. They have big long forking roots (bit like a carrot gone wild). I have just dug out over a 100 of them, all blue and white and small flowers. And they were from one plant which escaped our notice, hidden behind a tree.

24 May, 2013


You're right Owlboggy I meant Mckenna hybrids

first stages of dementia kicking in! ;^)

24 May, 2013


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25 May, 2013


Thanx folks can't wait for the next exciting instalment.

26 May, 2013


Octopus has a lot of members, but not what I meant...............Er. thing used by cavemen to convince a woman to be his partner.

26 May, 2013

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