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Hi, I bought tubers and when they arrived, there were no instructions how to plant them. I guessed and planted the flat bit upwards and the curved bit downwards. I found out thru the net, that I shouldn't have covered the tops with the earth. So, I took them up again (some had actually sprouted underneath the soil) - and replanted them the proper way. Do you think they will re-root (original planting was 6 weeks before this)



What are the tubers of, Wally? And yes, I am sure that they will be OK.

23 May, 2013


You don't say what plant they are, [I suspect begonia], but they will make new roots, don't let them dry out though.

23 May, 2013


Hey, thanks (new to gardens - first one but it looks bonnie)

25 May, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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