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Hello fellow gardeners, i've been having a bit of trouble identifying this plant. Can anyone help? Many thanks.




Maybe Carex pendula. Check to see if the stems are triangular, then it is a Sedge for sure.

24 May, 2013


This turned up in my garden a few years ago and it seeded everywhere! I'm still trying to get rid of the self-sets. My advice, unless you want it to self-set, is to cut the seed heads off asap.

24 May, 2013


I think this is a Miscanthus grass. I had a couple in my front garden but they grew so huge and sent out seedlings everywhere that they had to go. Good luck if you decide to keep it.

24 May, 2013


It looks just like my Carex Pendula, which I'm hyping myself up to dig out!

24 May, 2013


Get rid of it. As has been said, it seeds EVERYWHERE! For info, sedge flower stems are triangular in cross section, grasses are round. As a fun identification tool - 'sedges have edges'.

24 May, 2013


Seeds are edible though.

24 May, 2013


Hi everyone, this plant is actually in my friend's garden that she needed help with. I will pass all your information on. Thanks

24 May, 2013


I have this - Carex Pendula - and I absolutely love it. It has never self-seeded in my garden, but not many things do. it's a graceful plant and I find it beautiful.

24 May, 2013


Carex it is. I don't have it in my garden now, but a friend did give me a bit in my old garden and it went mad with glee.

It seeded everywhere and I cursed friend... He was unrepentant, said merely that I have to agree that it a grceful plant and is really easily controlled by snipping off the seed heads before they ...seed.

Eventually - after pulling out the unwanted clumps - I did manage to keep it under control with the strict regime of cutting. If you have room let it go. If you don't want to be cursing it forever.. dig it up.

25 May, 2013

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