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My friend planted me some sweet peppers in compost this morning and saw this mushroom type shoot shall I pull it out




Yes, and I,d be careful not to overwater fungi usually like damp conditions and the peppers don't

25 May, 2013


Thanks I've had a couple of plants growing for a while but have attempted herbs and chilli so bit of a novice at the mo I'm afraid thanks for your help

25 May, 2013


Your plants are tiny at the moment so keep them just moist and increase water and feed as they grow, like tomatoes I usually start with a high potash feed later on when the flowers start to set

25 May, 2013


You really need to use proper branded compost in the future as it will have the correct balance of fertilisers and minerals and should not be producing mushrooms or any other strange seedlings.

27 May, 2013


Thank you obviously being a novice led to bit of embarrassment when growing some red habeneros and see loads of shoots which a friend thinks is actually grass.not a happy bunny do not dare to pull out just incase he is wrong.on the bright side my f1 chilli plant it starting to bear fruit sweet red pepper coming along good to and this morn have seen the basil starting to come oregano seems to have failed my fault too much water I think doh thanks again

28 May, 2013

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