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By Jonah13

Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can Carex Evergold be grown in a hanging basket? And can I do likewise with Euonymus Fortuni? I have uses Vinca Minor Illumination with only variable success.



Yes - but you'd need to make sure you kept it well watered, because its a sedge. Not Euonymus fortunei though, generally, although you'd probably get away with the variety E. 'Harlequin' for a while.

25 May, 2013


Hi Bamboo. Where can I buy Harlequin? Have not heard of before. Swell gel maybe for the Carex then. (I'm not on GOY much these days due to blindness).

25 May, 2013


I'm not sure if you prefer to shop online or not Johathon but I saw some E. Harlequin in B&Q last week.
Well priced too!

25 May, 2013


I'm a housebound person I'm afraid Scottish, so can only shop online.

26 May, 2013


I thought you were Jonathon, I remembered from a while back but wanted to let you know just in case someone was able to shop for you. Good luck with your baskets :)

26 May, 2013


Try Jackson's online, they had it six months ago, but it's not hard to get hold of, generally.

27 May, 2013

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