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By Shane67

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I was growing some pea tops and this thin fungi started growing. It looks almost identical to the thin strands in the attached picture. My question is, where would this come from as I used new compost from a bag and is it dangerous. Thanks




looks like pin mould. the spores will be in the air/compost/on youor clothes etc. in fact all around us. they thrive in warm humid conditions.

Not aware of them causing problems.

26 May, 2013


Is that the mould that appears on things like raspberries when they have had it. These were quite tall, about and inch and a half. I've not had them before. It was strange because I had three trays growing things in but the mould only appeared in one. Anyway thanks for the reply. I chucked it all away to be on the safe side

27 May, 2013


pretty much yes. alsoon damp mouldy bread.

27 May, 2013

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