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I would like to start growing bamboo on my allotment, 1, to give a little protection to my other plants from the wind as it's quite open and 2 for the canes
I have no idea about bamboo so any help would be appreciated. The soil is quite light and free draining and generally most vegetables grow well, particularly potatoes if that's of any help

Thank you, John



Bamboo does not like windy sites - it causes the leaves to brown with leaf burn. If you want to try then Fargesia are the clumping sort that tend not to run. You want to avoid all the rest as loose soil will allow them to pop up all over the allotment - Sasa for example are to be avoided. They also tolerate wind more than other bamboo. If you want recommendations then Amulree and Scottishbamboo both delivery and sell large plants ready to form hedges.

27 May, 2013


Agree with Kildermorie.... I love bamboo but we had to dig up a lot of 'running' bamboo 3 years ago when we bought our new house - it was originally supposed to be 'contained' in a wooden structure sunk in the ground, but the wood rotted and we had a big problem...what a nightmare job that was! Even now we still get some shoots coming up through the lawn, it spread like wildfire.... We transplanted them into massive tubs (not sunk) and they look fantastic now and provide a screen from the neighbours...

if you are going to plant bamboo I would recommend you use clumping bamboo (google varieties) like Kildermorie recommends, and plant them in large tubs, even if you then sink them into the ground.

27 May, 2013

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