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My Christmas bush had very few flowers last year what can I do to ensure more flowers this year



The term Christmas Bush seems to be a common name for 4 different plants, so canyou be more specific please? Also, where is it growing, in the ground outside, in a pot outside?

27 May, 2013


Ummmhhh I've had this for 4 years , it's about a metre and a half tall ,is outside and has taller grevilleas around it and is in a spot in the garden that is a bit shady.
I think it's a fairly common type of Xmas bush , my husband bought it.

It's 4 years old , had a small amount of red flowers for last two years but this year , much more greenery , very few flowers .
A friend told me to water every day so have been doing this for last couple of months and it seems to be growing a bit.
It looks healthy.
Do you know how much water it should have during winter?

28 May, 2013


The four shrubs commonly known by christmas bush are: Bursaria spinosa, Ceratopetalum gummiferum, Prosthanthera lasianthos, or Senna bicapsularis. Please google these to see which one you have.
Regarding watering, I wouldn't recommend watering any shrub which has been in the ground for longer than 2 years on a daily basis, its much better to water every few days (if necessary) and when you do water, water very thoroughly by leaving a sprinkler on for half an hour or so. The roots on a shrub 4 years old will be a good 1-2 feet down in the ground, so watering daily a bit means the water will only penetrate the top inch or so anyway.
without knowing which shrub it is, its hard to offer up reasons why its not flowering much, but I'd ask whether you're feeding it and if you are, is it a high nitrogen feed?

28 May, 2013

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