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Problem With My Conifer?

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Can Anybody Help Me??

We have a problem with this Conifer...Firstly, i would like someone to put a name to it & secondly would like to know when it can be pruned or if it can be pruned at all?
It has a very soft feel to it...

I do love it but, it has been planted where the entrance to enter the garden is so, is growing over the path line..

My Husband has threatened to chop it down...I am now desperate to know what to do with it? A friend has suggested cutting the bottom completely away so it becomes a Lollipop shape, but i do not think this fir will
like it...By the way this Conifer must be at least 8 to 9ft...

Will appreciate an answer to my problem...Thank You!!




I can see why you want to keep it. Most conifers can be trimmed and regrow as long as you don't cut back into bare wood.
The trouble with removing the lower branches entirely would be that this would reveal a lot of bare stems which would not green up. Hopefully someone eldse will know the ID.

27 May, 2013


It looks like Japanese Cedar, which naturally goes reddish in winter then turns green again in summer. Cryptomeria japonica 'Radicans' or the like. If it is Japanese cedar then it can be pruned.

27 May, 2013


I agree with Kildermorie. I have one in my garden and it can be pruned. Cut back as far as you can without cutting into old wood.

27 May, 2013


Thank you all for your answers...Thanks, for giving my Conifer a name Kildermorie....I would like to know when is the right time to prune?

27 May, 2013


Now is a good time to prune.

28 May, 2013


Hi Fp! I have one of these too.....mines planted in a half barrel and I think looking at the size of yours, this is where it'll stay.......gorgeous autumn/winter colour though.

29 May, 2013


Thanks Kildermore your answer is so appreciated...We are going to give it a prune, but, if not successful my other half is going to chop it down...:(((

Hi Janey, Mmmm you have noticed the problem we are having...Do we get rid of it by chopping it down completely? Or do we try to prune it as much as we possibly can?

Very hard decision for us to make...Can anybody suggest another way of solving this problem???

30 May, 2013

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