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Hi wonder whether anyone can advise me. I have a jasmine, about 12 years old, in a pot. I know it needs re-potting, we are moving house soon and I know it also needs a good pruning. We are at the end of May and I don't know whether to prune it back hard ready for its move or just leave it until I can re-pot (after moving if possible), or do you think I should re-pot it now and then prune in the autumn. Its such an established plant I would hate to lose it. Thanks.



If you need to cut it back hard, do it just before you move, if that's in the next few weeks, and repot when you get where you're going into fresh compost. Cutting back hard in late summer or autumn isn't a good idea - it may force new growth which won't be hardened off for winter. Cutting back now means you may not get flowers this year, but you'd still have the plant...

28 May, 2013


that sounds good advice to me!

29 May, 2013

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