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Tiller/rotovator. Scared to use it.

Anyone got one? It is electric and not too heavy and big. Do you think I should get someone to watch me in case it runs away with me or chops my legs up? Are they easy to control like a strimmer? It is only a little bigger.



If you are going to get one there are places you can hire them as well as buy. The type you get depends on access and how stoney your land, size of job, storage, maintainance etc. I dont think this may be such a good idea for you as you say you use a mobility scooter? If you contact your local allotment or garden club you may find someone willing to dig it over for you at a cheaper price than a cultivator. Also as you have shared use have you got it in writing what you can do? People can be difficult after the deed if they change their minds!

27 Jan, 2010


In my experience the Mantis Tiller is a fabulous machine. I've had mine for well over ten years and it still starts on the first pull. It's incredibly light but can make a deep tilth of around ten to twelve inches really easily. If you have a small garden it is ideal and it can handle hard clay and stones with no difficulty.
I know I'm beginning to sound like an advert, but of all the gardening items I've bought over the years, this tiller was the best buy ever.
I still use ours here where we have 2 hectares, but mainly to make seed beds for carrots and onions, anything which needs a nice fine tilth.
I notice they do an electric model now (is that what you have acquired)? Just give it a try and let the tiller do all the work, rather than you. If you let go of the accelerator lever, it will stop anyway.
I should have said, these are very light machines which can be carried in one hand. I've yet to find anyone who can't control one.

27 Jan, 2010


I have already bought one. See post. I was just wondering if it would be running all over the place or behave just like my strimmer does. I have visions of turning into a comedy kids tv show with the thing going all over the I am sure they wouldnt sell them if they were dangerous.

It is this one: hope the link works.

27 Jan, 2010


drc726, I note your concern, but it is for exactly that reason of needing help that I got it to make things easier. I am still mobile, just have arthritus, ME which makes you tire easily, fibromyalgia which is sore weak muscles etc, etc, so I want it to do the work for me.

Bertiefox, just looked up yours, mine is a lot cheaper, hope it lasts. Tiny garden so shouldnt work it too much.

27 Jan, 2010

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