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Can you name this Blue flowering plant that makes me think of herbs although I don't know why. I like this plant I found in the garden but have no idea what it is called.




It looks very much like Borage to me Homebird - its a favourite of mine - could be wrong though!

27 May, 2013


I wondered if it might be Borage,H.bird..

27 May, 2013


It's definitely Borage, one of the few beautiful weeds around now that produces true blue flowers. The leaves are edible and some countries use them in salads and soups.

27 May, 2013


I'm not sure if it's Borage as I grew one and it was enormous and flopped over everything. The flowers were star shaped with 5 narrow petals, hairy stem and leaves. Checked on Wikepedia and the flowers look wrong.

27 May, 2013


Update...just found it ! Green Alkanet ( Pentaclottis Sempervirens ) member of the Borage family. Entirely different to the one I grew.

27 May, 2013


Lovely plant but beware it spreads like wild fire!

27 May, 2013


I'd dig out any new little plants of these which appear - once they're over 10 inches or so high, and especially if they've been in the ground over a year, they're impossible to dig up or eradicate with weedkiller.

28 May, 2013


No not Borage Hb, I have this in my garden too and am always pulling it up. Yes green alkanet or anchusa with a great long tap root and a real thug, one to get rid of quickly. This and Jerusalem artichoke are the two pests in my plot....:((

29 May, 2013

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