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Hello, I would like some information on the storing of my spring bulbs. I had daffodils, tulips, crocuses and hyacinths in containers.They have all now finished flowering - I am aware I need to leave the leaves to yellow and not cut them but do I lift them all and store indoors over winter? Also, I need to separate my crocus bulbs and would like to know when to do this.

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If you need to remove the bulbs from the containers, Helen, then leave until the leaves have died off and allow the compost to dry off to some extent (for your own comfort when you are emptying the containers!). If the containers are moveable then you could put them under cover as the leaves start to yellow and with-hold water.
I then inspect my bulbs for any damaged or diseased ones, which go in the bin, and then allow the 'keepers' to dry off. I prefer to replant the bulbs in dry compost straight away but you could store them in paper bags kept in a cool, dark, dry place until August/September and replant then.
Crocus foliage should have almost died away now so this is the time to lift and divide them if needed. Better before the foliage has completly gone so that you can find the things - if in the garden!

28 May, 2013


Most spring bulbs need cold weather to regrow, so store them outside in well draining soil. Tulips will also prefer if the soil they are stored in warm over summer.

28 May, 2013


Thank you very much for your advice.


28 May, 2013


Good advice from the above. I have just lifted mine and after the leaves have dried out I cut these off and also the old roots then give the bulbs a clean up so they look like the ones you see for sale at garden centres.

29 May, 2013



2 Jun, 2013

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