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I have a clump of dwarf narcissus on my lawn. Like all other plants they matured late this year. Today, which is near mid-summer the green stalks are still green and upstanding. I' aware that the stalks should let die away so that the bulbs can benefit from nutrition.
May I ask, under these conditions, when I can expect the stalks and leaves to die away or at what stage is it safe to cut them down to ground level without depriving the bulbs of that nutrition?
The bulbs were planted last autumn.
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They should start to die down within the next few weeks. We are not in mid-summer - it is mid to late spring. Late June is when Summer begins, mid summer is August and I have had daffs still in leaf then.

28 May, 2013


Six weeks after the last flower has gone is when you can safely cut or remove the foliage. In that time, the bulb will have stored any food available in order to flower next year.

28 May, 2013


Bamboo, correct me if I am wrong, but I think the bulb will continue to feed via its roots for the next few months.

28 May, 2013


Not something I've heard, Kildermorie, as far as I'm aware, the bulb stores food whilst photosynthesis is taking place (obviously via the leaves), but just because I haven't heard that, doesn't mean its not true... I'll have to do a bit of research when I've time. The six week rule regarding foliage removal was a result of trials by the RHS some years ago now - this appeared to be the critical period.

28 May, 2013


About 6 weeks is what I was always told, I've not heard anything to the contrary, Derek.

28 May, 2013


6 weeks it is!

28 May, 2013

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